Privacy policy

In order to conduct an audit of a site, we must have the minimum information sufficient for analysis and communication with clients. We ask you to leave it in a special form on the Website or in the Instagram application. By filling it out, you get the opportunity to get a free marketing audit of your site and express your confidence in the customer data retention policy in effect on our Site and in the Instagram Application.

We do not plan to sell the Company at the moment. But in the event of a change of owner, all property and intellectual property of the Company, which includes personal data of clients, will be transferred to him. You will be notified in advance of such changes and will be able to make your own decision to continue or terminate cooperation with the Company under the new management.

Law enforcement requirement

If it becomes necessary to disclose your information to law enforcement agencies in order to comply with the law or legal regulations, for the purpose of enforcing court decisions, then such transfer of information may be carried out without your consent. Fraud investigations or other government investigations will also result in the disclosure of information from the database without your consent. Another case of using personal information without the consent of its owner is the protection of the rights of the Company and its joint or subsidiary organizations. The right to delete or change the information provided to us about you belongs only and exclusively to you and can be exercised by you at any time at your request. To do this, you just need to contact us using the contact information of the Site Administration published on the Site.